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Letter from Arthur Christmas


Arthur Christmas 2013 letter.


Hi Kids, I hope you have behaved well of lately so my dad better known as Father Christmas will deliver you a Christmas present. Steve and the elfs are very busy wrapping all the Christmas goodies. If you or mum or dad are looking for some xmas gifts then have a look on this site for some of my Arthur Christmas presents.



Close up of Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas at work

If you sent me a letter with your xmas list wishes then hopefully you have received my reply. Its not too late just go over to the section called “write to Arthur or Santa” and we will reply before xmas eve.


Santa Claus has been very busy this month with loads of turning on of xmas lights events been organised. Thankfully we have many Santa assistants whom help us attend all of these happy xmas festivals.


Only recently Father Christmas helped turn on the London Christmas lights and helped with some of the following seasonal festivities such as New York xmas activities, Paris xmas decorations, Munich xmas festival, German Christmas market, Milan noel film festival, Christmas parties, Christmas games, Christmas dinner, Christmas lunch, Christmas office party, xmas meet-up, xmas gathering, Christmas carol songs, bon noel, meet santa’s reindeers, A Christmas Carol, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Festive fun, Christmas Tree Festival, Make Christmas Decorations, Christmas Fair, Xmas Fayre, Dickensian Christmas, London Christmas parties, outdoor ice skating, Christmas markets 2013, Christmas shopping breaks, Bath Christmas market, christmas clubbing in London, Christmas tree, Christmas shows, Christmas pantomines, Christmas gift ideas, xmas inspiration presents, Christmas lights, Christmas card decorations, Christmas spirit, Christmas songs, Pensacola Winterfest, ICE at Gaylord Palms, Annual Key West Holiday Fest, St Augustine Christmas Parade, Light Up, Illuminated Boat parade, Holiday happenings, Santa’s Grove, Santa’s Enchanted Forest.


Here in Greenland Santa is getting his sleigh ready. The reindeers have been in training and are looking fit and ready for their busiest day of the year. It has recently snowed and the Christmas nativity scene is set. The elfs have all got new Arthur Christmas slippers, Elf run apps, Arthur sweaters, hats and gloves and wrapped up well for the journey.


So just how does Father Christmas manage to deliver all those xmas presents in a single xmas eve ?


Christmas lights

Arthur managed to make it to Manchester, UK to turn on the Christmas lights for this festive period. We recently visited the xmas lights on Kings Street and we are proud to report back to Steve xmas that everything in Manchester is ready for Father Christmas to make his visit on

Arthur Christmas Slippers in London

Father Christmas and his elves along with Arthur & Steve made an earlier than anticipated Christmas visit to London this week to help turn on Oxford Street xmas lights. Did you see arthur with his Arthur Christmas xmas slippers & sweater. He looked great. they turned on the xmas lights at 6pm whilst all the london xmas shopping visitors hunted for their xmas discount presents. Some were looking for Arthut Christmas slippers but look no further here you can buy them online.

Happy xmas Christmas Arthur

Well kids I hope you all had a very happy xmas and we managed to deliver all your presents on time as we do every year.

Statistics show that we had a large increase in “wakers”, thats you kids that wake up during the night, which make it kind of difficult for me and the elves to deliver your gifts. So next year make sure you don’t drink any xmas fizzy soft drinks prior to going to bed as they tend to make you wake up during the night.

So kids until next christmas I wish you all once again a happy xmas and if you need a smart xmas present next year don’t forget about me your Arthur Christmas.


LeapPad the new ipad for kids from LeapFrog is due to release an Arthur Christmas app and cartridge game.

Register for our newsletter so we can let you know when it is released just in time for Christmas.

Also coming e-books for the Leapster Explorer.

Rumours on the street say that LeapPads are running out of stock for xmas. Here you can also buy the pink LeapPad.







Arthur Christmas Games Online

There are plenty of Arthur Christmas games to play online. Arthur & Santa in their spare time between wrapping Christmas gifts have been online and played and tested these games.
Here are a few of the best Arthur Christmas games online.

Arthur Christmas_Conveyor Belt Madness


Here are some great games from Kids Games Heroes

Arthur Christmas_Sleigh Flight

Arthur Christmas_Rolling Snowball

Arthur Christmas_Snowball Fight

Arthur Christma_Present Wrapping

Arthur Christmas_Letter to Arthur


I hope  you enjoy playing Arthur Christmas Games online.

Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook

Download the Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook interactive storybook for you kids to your iPhone, iPad and other digital readers from the App Store.

Delivery time beats even Steve Christmas….immediate….ho ho ho.


Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook_ebook

Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook_ebook

Arthur Christmas NASA

Arthur Christmas NASA


The NASA American Space Organisation has partnered with Arthur Christmas to bring to the attention of all you children the space race into the milky way. Arthur along with Santa travels in his S1 spacecraft delivering all the xmas gifts to all the kids across the world on xmas eve. Only NASA and Arthur know the technology behind this speedy delivery. You too if you wish to become an astronaut and travel across space to Mars should register with NASA and learn more about their space program. NASA has a special website called NASA spinoff where you can learn much more. Go on kids tell mum you want to become an Astronaunt along with Arthur Christmas.


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